Smart Glass

Smart Glass

PDLC Smart Film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film), is a high-tech product that can switch from opaque to transparent instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and back to opaque when power off. It can regulate and adjust the light transmittance pass with the variance supply of electricity.


Security - Explosion-proof glass has good impact resistance.36 Weak Voltages system, the global first minimum safe voltage, high stability.

Temperature resistance - Environmental Adaptability: Can be used normally in -20° ~ 100° environment, adapt to the complex outdoor environment.

Instant Privacy - When energized, the light transmission rate is over 80%.When the power is off, it can be switched to opaque to protect privacy.

Fast Switching - Extreme Fast Switching! 0.05 seconds, free and fast switching, can remote control and switch control. It can be used as a projector screen for a rich visual experience.

Energy Efficient - Save electricity, reduce your bill, the power consumption is only 3W/m2. Heat Insulation, blocking out more than 90% of destructive UV rays and 95% of Infrared rays

Sound Insulation - The dimming filter and EVA filter in the glass interlayer have a sound damping effect to prevent noise and conversations in.


According to the use of the location of the environment and climate, choose the appropriate style and type

Smart Home



Office Partiton




Royal Palace in Doha Qatar

Project Type: Palace

Products: Smart Glass, Stick Curtain Wall, Sliding Door, French Door, Bi-folding Door, Balustrades

Service: Our job is to renew all the internal/external glass windows and doors from design and production to installation.

Budget: USD 0.16 million

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