La Poste Building in Senegal

Project Name

La Poste Building in Senegal

Project Profile

La Poste is the public operator of the postal service of the Republic of Senegal in West Africa. It is the only public operator responsible for the universall postal service and has the status of the national company since 1995. Its specific mission is to provide postal services throughout the territory collection, transport and delivery of correspondence and goods; collection and transfer of funds; development of savings and bank deposit funds.

Project Type

Public Building


Sliding Window, Sliding Door, French Door


We took the whole project to change all the glass windows and skylight in two months, from design, produce and shippment


USD 0.3 million

Project Analysis and Communication

Because is a public building thus durable,no maintenance troubles and cost effience are the design key point

Project Technical Proposal

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

The durability is more than twice compared of ordinary handles, and the usage frequency is more than 50,000-100,000 times, free maintenance ,all top hung window are cost effience system but looks elegant.

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

This is the first time for this client to undertook the sub-contract works for glass windows and doors ,skylight ,thus we used more time on guidance start from take measurement on site , how to do QC on windows and doors ,safty package for loading ,loading detail issue and clean custom issue ,installation guidance also ,the client are very happy ,till now he help us do some sub-contract work in local.

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