Holiday Charlet And Villas in Zimbabwe

Project Name

Holiday Charlet And Villas in Zimbabwe

Project Profile

This project includes 10 units of G-story holiday houses, 1 unit of large villa main house and 1 units of large villas.

Project Type

Resort Villa


Casement & Awning Window, French Door, Bi-folding Door


Our job is in charge of design, production, loading container, installation guidance, and after-sale service


USD 0.13 million

Project Analysis and Communication

This customer had previously purchased in China and was very cautious in selecting suppliers, with strict budgets and high-quality requirements. He had compared with several suppliers, finally choosing us. Customer concerned is that there are many local thieves, and these projects are used as weekend houses and villas in the resort.

In order to provide the most professional and timely service, our technical engineer, sales manager, and job side technician and after-sales service personnel formed a team to customize design proposal, installation methods, production, and loading plans for customer. In the end, our products are altruistic, high-quality, safe and anti-theft, soundproof, beautiful, and low-budget, which finally won the customer's high satisfaction.

Project Technical Proposal

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

Firstly, considering aesthetics and anti-theft, all doors and windows are used A-grade high-strength aluminum profile, equipped with multi-point locks. All glass is upgraded to laminated tempered safety glass, which is not only sound and heat insulation, also strong impact resistance, it is difficult to break by theft. Even if it broken, the glass still stick together, safe and not hurt people.

Secondly, we proposed the folding doors that is burglar proof system, is adopted advanced technology, " Fitted with hexagonal screw+German injection Glue for corner structure", so that it can bear more than 500KGS ,excellent in impact resistance, the simple system only can bear 100KGS. What’re more, it is invisible hinge system and safety anti-pinching design for children.

Thirdly, considering customer on-site installation and ensuring product quality, we help to drill installation holes for frame, and provide installation expansion screws, glass silicone, and spare handles, which double the customer's installation efficiency, and help customer to save installation cost.

Workshop Production

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

We are in the spirit of benefiting customers from beginning to end, focusing on quality and budget, and not letting go of any details. Before sales, our product proposal is based on customer requirements,budget, project location and situation. During production, because the glass size is too large, ensuring product quality, we freely upgraded the glass more thicker and high quality.

After sales, the customer's on-site items were stolen many times. Although more than a year has passed, we still re-send them to the customer again and again free of charged.

After this project we established a long term partner ship, now we are working this client for more 6 units holiday charlets and a hospital project.

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