Royal Palace in Doha Qatar

Project Name

Royal Palace in Doha Qatar

Project Profile

This is a big palace and is located in Makhya area, near to West Bay, Doha, it occupies the land of 16000m2, the interior area is 11000m2. It consists of two pools, mall area, guest house and the main building.

Project Type



Smart Glass, Stick Curtain Wall, Sliding Door, French Door, Bi-folding Door, Balustrades


Our job is to renew all the internal/external glass windows and doors from design and production to installation.


USD 0.16 million

Project Analysis and Communication

Our first step of work was to improve the system for heat isolation since Doha is very hot in the summer. We proposed a special system of it is double glazed low E glass with argon gas in the middle and the outside to be coated with UV proof film.

We sent four skilled workers to make the final adjustments; to complete the job.The client was extremely happy and said "This is the highest quality, heat resistant glass installation in the whole Doha"

Project Technical Proposal

Design proposal presentation

Our product programs is adjusted to match the customer's local climate,reduce heat, can effectively prevent dust from entering,lower down the UV and infrared rays to protect the furniture indoors ,meanwhile to reach privacy protection and with high technology using experience.

Workshop Production

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

High qaulity 6063-T5 aluminium alloy profile with PA66 thermal barrier strip through high precision processing, which are excellent in heat insulation,can effectively reduce heat conduction. Using Low-E reflecting glass for outside can block 90% UV and infrared rays, combined with the middle air space and inside laminated glass to achieve more than 70% heat insulation and more than 35db sound proof. One of the main highlight is we used dimming glass on this project and it can be switched to opaque for privacy protection as well being good in light transmittance. 2020 when we visit the site again, the QC of the jobsite notice us the Palace owner is very satisfy ,because the local catch a heavy rain this is very rare in the recent 50 years ,many of the local windows and doors water poured into the house,but for our site is perfect .

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