Company Profile

Company Profile

Sunnyquick is a company specialized in customizing Aluminum doors, windows and glass curtain wall systems designed for different customers to meet various types of buildings such as: Hotels, Commercial buildings, Residences, and Apartments. Sunnyquick's ‘Window and Door’ production base, ‘Foreign Trade Service Team’ and ‘Show Room’ are located in Foshan Lecong, while the ‘Aluminum Glass Curtain Wall’ production base is located in Guangzhou. Established in 2013, the company currently employs nearly 200 people, of which R&D personnel account for more than 10%. We have a large number of high-precision equipment and a professional quality control department, established and operated in line with a strict product quality control system.

We are committed to comply with our code: "Build Safe Build Smart". All our products strictly comply with the performance specifications of waterproof, windproof, noise reduction, sun protection and flame retardant. We also have our own efficient development system, which can provide greater flexibility for different architectural designs and configurations. Our goal is to produce reliable and safe building material solutions that meet the building codes of your country/region. This allows them (Individual buyers, residents, and commercial project contractors) to establish long-term business partnerships and achieve a win-win situation.

Equipment Introduction

Over the years, Sunnyquick has been dedicated to the R&D, design, manufacturing, process improvement and innovation of high-performance curtain wall, window and door products. The company has reached the international level in such major technical fields as R&D, design, manufacturing and construction.

Curtain Wall Production Line

Workshop Interior

CNC Processing Center

Vertical Powder Coating Production Line

PVDF Production Line

Tempered Glass Production Line

Anodized Aluminium

Hardware Endurance Test

Important Performance Test

Manufacturing Introduction

Sunnyquick’s manufacturing facility is built around total quality management, lean manufacturing and kaizen principles ensuring control of quality, accuracy and efficiency. Our processes have been certified by ISO 9001 standards. Our facilities include adjacent design and production areas, contributing to the dynamics of innovation and collaboration. Furthermore, by fostering partnerships with material vendors and product suppliers around the globe, Sunnyquick has been able to maintain complete control over its supply chain, further enhancing our capability to deliver cost effective solutions.

All quality control tests of Sunnyquick are carried out by independent third parties as per the latest international norms, in line with the project specifications. Sunnyquick’s manufacturing process goes through rigorous quality control exercises both by human and computerized testing.This along with the time-tested skill and craftsmanship of the Sunnyquick team of operatives has a well defined edge on shaping components with unerring precision and finish.

We specialize in manufacturing of building facade systems, glass curtain wall systems, unitized curtain walls, frame structured curtain walls, aluminium windows and doors, aluminium louvers, railing etc...

1) Curtain Wall Manufacturing

In the constant temperature room, a experienced technician was injecting the DOW CORNING structural glue into the aluminum plate connection.

The suction cup boom robot is moving a heavy unitized curtain wall glass panel which human can't move.

Unitized glass curtain wall panel standard export package, ideal for container and shipping, ensuring cargo safety.

Aluminum curtain wall samples are being tested in Singapore with the most authoritative and rigorous testing.

The Schüco curtain wall system profiles selected according to the project requirements are being assembled.

With a professional angle machine, the sealing and strength of the aluminum window can be upgraded to excellent quality.

2) Window Door Manufacturing

1. Cutting

Compared with the single saw, the aluminum material uses the double-headed saw, which greatly reduces the error, and the tolerance accuracy is 0.1-0.3mm,thus reach a good performance on waterproof, windproof.

2. Milling Keyhole

Using CNC automatic data processing center milling equipment can accurately create keyhole size.

3. Milling Port

The port connection is milled to avoid the position and make the port seamlessly connect.

4. Machine wire group angle and glue injection

The ordinary impact angle corner strength is 80-100kg. When injected with imported glue, the strength can reach 500kg.

5. Install high-quality rubber strips

Automotive-grade high-quality rubber strips, with EPDM material can reach 15-20 years service life, while the life of ordinary rubber strips on the market is only 5-10 years.

6. Install hardware

Standard domestic premium brand, optional imported hardware from Germany.

7. Install the handle

The durability is more than twice that of ordinary handles, and the usage frequency is more than 50,000-100,000 times.

Anti-theft: When the window is closed or inverted, the window handle and the square shaft are disengaged from each other, and the handle is automatically locked.

Safety: children safety protection, with children's safety handle function.

8. Glue

Glue application advantages: waterproof and sealed

Adhesive strip advantages: excellent weather resistance, convenient glass replacement--this is optional

CNC automatic glue equipment advantages: stable, reliable and beautiful

One-stop Solutions








After sale service

1. Design

System design

Concept design

Shop drawing

Fabrication drawing

As-built drawing

2. Measurement

Site measurement

Curtain wall measurement

Windows measurement

Doors measurement

Railing measurement

3. Solution

With our industry knowledge and experience we specialize in providing comprehensive design-assist and design-build services from the onset.

4. Certification

5. Manufacturing

Profile processing

Surface treatment

CNC machining

Material processing

Assemble processing

6. Logistics

Professional export packaging

Fumigation-free packaging

Strict label number

Reasonable distribution

Loading & Shipping

7. Installation

Sunnyquick professional team to install

Sunnyquick engineers teach workers to install

Drawing guide installation

Video guide installation

8. After sale service

International standard certificate

ISO 9001:2008 Standard

CE certificate

Australian standard

Guranteer 3 years