Waterfront Hilton Hotel in Australia

Project Name

Waterfront Hilton Hotel in Australia

Project Profile

Due to our previous hotel success is in Perth this is the second hotel we cooperated with.Another Double Tree Hilton in the same city, It occupies 2024 m2, of land with 18 levels.Hilton wanted to bring world-class hospitality and an aesthetically pleasing look to the city.

Project Type

Five Stars Hotel


Unitized Curtain Wall, Decorative Curtain Wall


Sunnyquick was involved in the whole facade, undertook the project’s energy saving


USD 4.1 million

Project Analysis and Communication

The location of this hotel is very good, surrounded by water, so the appearance of the curtain wall also design adopts the wave shape of water ripples, and the facade and the water ripples echo very beautifully in the sunset.

Project Technical Proposal

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

In order to achieve the corrugated exterior wall effect, we designed a lot of irregular triangles. This is very difficult in the design and production process, especially the processing of splicing. However the final effect as you could see now is perfefct presentation

In order to improve product quality and save costs for our customer, the Sunnyquick company had a special design team to implement and execute the installation guidence.

Workshop Production

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

Sunnyquick sent the system to be tested in Singapore to gain the highly specialised AS/NZ Standards Approvals from WinWill Singapore for air infiltration, water penetration, structural test, and all compliance. It was very successful. Sunnyquick's attention to detail and timelines has enabled our customers to refer us and use our products and services in their future projects.

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