Roman Garden Villa in Zambia

Project Name

Roman Garden Villa in Zambia

Project Profile

The project is two-units G+F floor villas, very modern and luxury, job site area is 2460 sq.m, located in Roma Park Estate, and it have lots of various window and door type, the owner has high expection for the modern large picture windows.

Project Type



Casement & Awning Window, Bi-folding Door, French Door, Balustrades


Our job is measurement guidance, design, production, loading container, installation guidance, and after-sale service for all external windows, doors and balustrades.


USD 0.047 million

Project Analysis and Communication

The owner originally planned to purchase in South Africa, because he wanted to install them before the rainy season is coming. But his project have lots of oversized special picture windows, doors and roof circle skylight, and have high request for safety, durability, waterproof, anti-theft and anti-mosquitoes, and at the same time, he hope must meet the elegant and modern design requirements of the architect. This is why he chose us in the end.

Project Technical Proposal

Design drawings

Design proposal presentation

To meet client’s expectation, we proposed the strong aluminium thermal break system,sealing with EPDM high quality foamed composite material, excellent in heat and sound insulation, waterproof; built with 5mm+1.52pvb+5mm laminated safety glass, excellent in burglar proof, high safety and security, single glass pane up to 4 sqm; integrated with stainless steel screen, anti-insect, durable and long term service life.

The skylight is circular, and its diameter is 2150mm diameter, not easy to do, we use 3.5mmm thick aluminum profile and 12mm+1.52pvb+12mm glass to achieve customer ideas.

The more challenging thing is that the customer wants to do the single track shutter sliding door on the 27.96 m long and 2.9 m high balcony, and asked to slide and lock freely, finally we used heavy-duty aluminum combined with the special hardware for lifting and sliding door to make it come true.

Workshop Production

Construction and installation on the ground

Project Summary

To help customer install more easy and quick,we freely provide many parts and accessories , some like spare handles, Installation screws&iron sheet, Silicone for fixed glass, Silicone Gun,Safety Fluorescent Clothes, Glass Suction,drainage cover, drop protection chain..... From technical proposal, measurement guidance, design drawing, production, quality inspection, packaging, loading, installation guidance, our team's efforts have won high praise from customer. Alought it is not easy, but we did our best and give the best to client.

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